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By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 22. Juli 2010

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What is more popular Wedding or McDonnalds?

Lets ask Google: 40.000.000 results for McDonnalds vs  314.000.000 results fo Wedding …
Ill write some stuf about wedding photography  from the beginning till becoming professional photographer, it will be more my own story with my own impressions about this kind of photography,  but youll also see some photos and photographers and other thing which inspire me in photographing weddings. There will be a series of this Entries, just stop me if there will be to much info or ask more via comments ; ). And here we go  3 …. 2 …. 1 …. 0….

start wedding bride

How to start with Wedding Photography?

Be carefull wedding photography is searching for you…  Every photographer has friends, even normal people have friends.  And there is always this  day when they come to you or call you and say:
“Hello! i have some unbelivebly beautiful nice wonderful and so on news for you…”, and they are not joking  they feel really like this… and than
“I  want to invite you to some special event”  after this words there are no more surprises for you, you know itll be the wedding, however than they say
“Iev heard you have a good digicam, and you make some nice pictures, we have no photographer for our wedding, would you like to do it for us?” And it is the special moment when you making your first step into the wedding photography… you have no idea about photographing weddings, because on the former weddings  your mission was to eat , drink and dance but not more… and its one of the perfect moments to choose your own style for the wedding photography.

bride, bridegroom, faceless, green

For example to shoot people without faces… hehe Brides without faces Im loving it! But lets back to the beginning, at first you need a camera most of  the wedding photographers that i know began with some DSLR like nikon d70 or canon 20d … and there are a funny thing that i discovered, there are a lot of people who have no idea about photography and composition or technical aspects of photography but they photographing anyway, Let us say thank you Canon and Nikon for building in the autofunction into the cameras!


First Weddings

And here are some examples from some of my first weddings

weddiny bicykle room
Hehe Roman was pretty happy, but there were not enough place in the new flat for both , bicycle and bride…

fruits night wedding
in the night before wedding we were eating some fancy fruit salad…

birde car wedding
dont forget about the right dresscode… It was a funny moment, on the end this picture was a winner of one photocontest…

wedding jump

hehe you will not belive but i needed only one shot for this one… what i call a perfect jump.

wedding trash the dress
somehow i forget that wedding couples are like feraris or lamborghinis… not off-road…

bride wedding

game wedding
maybe youll be also impressed about some wedding games… but after 2 or 3 wedding theyll not be funny anymore…

bride pohtography
hehe now you saw some examples from one of my first weddings,  this one is newer but style is still the same people without heads.

oh! like

On the begining one of the bigest inspirations for me about Wedding photography was Sean Flanigan ;)  visit his site or blog and im very sure that youll like it ;)

The end for Wedding Photography part 1 !

wedding nature
Thanks for reading, and if you  like to read some details in the next entries just ask for them ;) Best wishes from vienna city.
oh! photography – create something out of nothing.


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