Music and OH! photography

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 15. Dezember 2010

This Shooting was made not by Manfred Baumann. (its new very austrian pOHtojoke)

Musicians are somehow cool people… This time it was a shooting for an upcoming Austrian popstar Tamara Olorga (acoustic tale). Look at the story behind the photo:

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Night and music (LP series) …

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 02. Juli 2010

Sometime the night is the best time for music… just like now… I think lpseries were my first photoseries ever. some of that pieces were made during the nighttime, that was a pereiode in my life with long photonights…

kreative fotografie wien oh photography pohtography

I bought some Lp 1€ per lp… it was a good deal… however 25€ were a lot of money for me for that time… thats why iev tried to do as much things as possible with lps…. (» Weiterlesen…)

Ideas – where do they come from and where are they going

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 26. Juni 2010

My lightroom catalogue is a little bit dead … i hope that lightroom 3 will be better…or somebody will present me a mac and ill use aperture… oh but this entry is not about software problems in the mind of crazy photographer… its more about ideas…

oh photography pOHtography wien vienna

your are sitting and sitting, than you stand up go to your kitchen drink a cup of tea and here they come… you are in the tram looking out of the window, you see some old building and here they come… its dark, your eyes are closed…. you open your eyes (» Weiterlesen…)