Tower of Babel

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 19. Oktober 2010

Crazy times and crazy stuf… Why people are making photos like this one?

pOHtography trolley

It was some years ago at the beginning of my photoeducation,  fresh crazy mind and not a lot of  sleep (actually nothing changed till now). During first weeks we were spending a lot  of time in museums, looking at old pictures of old masters. And one of  our first projects in the history of art lesson was to choose one of the pictures in the “kunsthistorisches museum” (Museum of Art History) and make our own photointerpretation of the picture. (» Weiterlesen…)

Wedding Photography I’m lovin it’ _ start #1

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 22. Juli 2010

wedding POHtography wc toitoi

What is more popular Wedding or McDonnalds?

Lets ask Google: 40.000.000 results for McDonnalds vs  314.000.000 results fo Wedding …
Ill write some stuf about wedding photography  from the beginning till becoming professional photographer, it will be more my own story with my own impressions about this kind of photography,  but youll also see some photos and photographers and other thing which inspire me in photographing weddings. There will be a series of this Entries, just stop me if there will be to much info or ask more via comments ; ). And here we go  3 …. 2 …. 1 …. 0…. (» Weiterlesen…)

canon or nikon?

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 13. Juli 2010

oh! photography nikon canon kreative fotografie wien vienna

if you are professional photographer you should know answers for some fancy questions like: what is better canon or nikon?  around 31.900.000 results in google search for this question…. fancy stuf…
however there are question even with more sence : what camera do you use? as professional photographer you should answer: big black camera! if you want to read some seriouse  article about it look at nikon vs canon by Ken Rockwell . And here are some of my impressions about canikon stuf :

nikon vs canon  pohtography kreative fotografie wien (» Weiterlesen…)

First summer

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 02. Juni 2010

First day of summer…  Nothing special at all just a day in calender, and calender is the only possibility to know that its summer today… Where is the sun?   Sun is not in vienna.  When i was 15 i was writing a lot in real notebooks on such special days  like a first day of summer …  And i thought this day (already night) is a good possibility to write about my photo called “one more summer:

pohtography OH! photography (» Weiterlesen…)

Tv in my head

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 26. Mai 2010

What can i say… never post the photo on the beginning of your blog if its not in a landscape format! just like me doing it right now. But i’m in the mood to write about it right now…

Tv in my head _ pohtography

I have no TV in my flat for about 2 years… im not proud of it, its just a fact. i cant really remember when it has begun not this “no tv” pereode, but the time when
i attampted to visit abandoned (why is this english word so complicated=?) places and buildings. However it became for me some kind of passion searching finding and visiting them. And here is the small story: (» Weiterlesen…)

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