Wedding Photography I’m lovin it’ _ Be Careful #2

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 26. Juni 2011

Be careful of weddings! Wikipedia says: “A wedding is the ceremony in which two people are united in marriage or a similar institution”… however its not as simple as it sounds when you are photographing it :) You want to learn some fancy special tricks how to make wonderful photos? Let me show you some situations/photos which happened to me during last year… (here you can find the first part Wedding Photography I’m lovin it’ _ start #1)

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By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 11. April 2011

Was shooting on Friday with Kerstin for my fancy portraits of GraphicDesigners Project, her nikname is Invisibly. We found some some wonderful retro yard in the 5 district of vienna. (» Weiterlesen…)

OH! this photo life…

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 08. April 2011

Im not always in the mood to write some big story… however there are a lot of photos happening in my life… to keep you up to date ill post just some photos from my everyday life (OH! this photolife), who knows maybe youll see yourself there : )

OH! photography vienna

ok here we go : )

some days ago i was at gantnerundenzi they have some really cool office, with beutiful light… good place for creating creative stuff… (» Weiterlesen…)

The concept of Time

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 09. Februar 2011

What is TIME?

Every of the next photos has its own story…

you need time for art and color in your life (» Weiterlesen…)

Sektor5 – coworkingspace

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 29. November 2010

Just some impressions from the coworkingspase Sektor5.

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