OH! this photo life…

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 08. April 2011

Im not always in the mood to write some big story… however there are a lot of photos happening in my life… to keep you up to date ill post just some photos from my everyday life (OH! this photolife), who knows maybe youll see yourself there : )

OH! photography vienna

ok here we go : )

some days ago i was at gantnerundenzi they have some really cool office, with beutiful light… good place for creating creative stuff… (» Weiterlesen…)

Wien Moskau – not only a fancy photoexhibition

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 25. Januar 2011

What can i say it was one of the biggest Projects that i was managing in  2010.  Realizing the idea of  “Real Virtuality” was something special for me… as i was thinking about the idea of  interactive exhibition for a long time, and i must say big thanks to Natalia Lagureva with her organization talent for giving me the possibility to organize the exhibition, where  people have had the possibility to write very real comments to photos, and learn more about the technical side of photography!

It was the official poster for the event… Helvetica what else : ) Thanks to Jure Vukadin (Visual Propaganda) for fine design…

A fancy video from the exhibition ;) (» Weiterlesen…)

Praha City

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 19. Juli 2010

Oh photography Praha Prague trainstation
It was some monthes ago, that i visited Prague, because of the exhibition organized by GapeGallery, where i was one of the participants… This entry is not very much about storie and text, just small report from praha city… (» Weiterlesen…)

Rain Repair… time for mindfreedom

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 09. Juni 2010

Its time to fill your mind with sommer… after spending the morning in front of 2 monitors, its good change to go out and feel the sun on your face.

ukrainian art fields

Im organizing a photofestival here in vienna in the end of september this year, the theme of this year is going to be “real virtuality” im going to tell you about more details when the official hompage is on, however if you are or you know some good Artists (Photographers, Musicians, FashionDesigners or Videoartists) from Austria or Russia you can give me your suggestions via comments or Email. And if you have already organized some exhibitions/festival than you must know that its really fascinating but also hard brainwork… Thats why i decided to make a small review about a small photoexhibition that iev organized once in my native town Zolochiv in Ukraine. Lets begin with this words.
“What is this… hehe, this is an old swimmingpool… perfect place for photoexhibition… But wait some minutes and youll see the changes…” (» Weiterlesen…)

Tv in my head

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 26. Mai 2010

What can i say… never post the photo on the beginning of your blog if its not in a landscape format! just like me doing it right now. But i’m in the mood to write about it right now…

Tv in my head _ pohtography

I have no TV in my flat for about 2 years… im not proud of it, its just a fact. i cant really remember when it has begun not this “no tv” pereode, but the time when
i attampted to visit abandoned (why is this english word so complicated=?) places and buildings. However it became for me some kind of passion searching finding and visiting them. And here is the small story: (» Weiterlesen…)

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