Spurensuche Vienna-Lviv 2010

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 25. November 2010

First of all: Traveling by Bus is pain!.. but fun : )  and be careful its going to be a long blogentry! you may ask: what is spurensuche ? its a fancy project with some austrian designstudents …spur is the german word for track, and suche for search… 

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Tower of Babel

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 19. Oktober 2010

Crazy times and crazy stuf… Why people are making photos like this one?

pOHtography trolley

It was some years ago at the beginning of my photoeducation,  fresh crazy mind and not a lot of  sleep (actually nothing changed till now). During first weeks we were spending a lot  of time in museums, looking at old pictures of old masters. And one of  our first projects in the history of art lesson was to choose one of the pictures in the “kunsthistorisches museum” (Museum of Art History) and make our own photointerpretation of the picture. (» Weiterlesen…)

Spurensuche 2009 Wien-Lviv

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 08. Juli 2010

lviv vienna wien lemberg oh! photography kreative fotografie reisen

Warning! this entry is pretty endless! Im really couriouse if there will be people who can sruvive till the end.

Spurensuche ( spur is the german word for track, and suche for search) is a projekt of my collage die Graphische, but its  only for people, who passed the exems for one year masterclass where they do a lot of different fancy projects, most of them are graphicdesign students, and every year  students of this masterclass choose one city from the ex austrianhungarian monarchy, and compair it with vienna city… in 2009 it was Lviv. Its a one week project/trip where all of the 30 students are going to the city they get 15 different topics, and during the week they should gather some material for that topic and describe the city with some graphic photographic whatever   artworks…  and i was the guide  for that project… somehowe to much blabla… i think ill just post some report from that trip: (» Weiterlesen…)