photographer and photographer – friends.

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 21. September 2011

It was last spring when  good old friend was visiting me in vienna. Actually its interesting  how similar and how different two friends can be. we are from the same country we had same interest as we where teenagers, we believe in the same idea about our future, we are both photographers… i will not describe the differences, maybe youll see them in the photos below… Oleksandr Hnatenko by Denys Ilin

Denys ilin photography Oleksandr Hnatenko (» Weiterlesen…)

canon or nikon?

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 13. Juli 2010

oh! photography nikon canon kreative fotografie wien vienna

if you are professional photographer you should know answers for some fancy questions like: what is better canon or nikon?  around 31.900.000 results in google search for this question…. fancy stuf…
however there are question even with more sence : what camera do you use? as professional photographer you should answer: big black camera! if you want to read some seriouse  article about it look at nikon vs canon by Ken Rockwell . And here are some of my impressions about canikon stuf :

nikon vs canon  pohtography kreative fotografie wien (» Weiterlesen…)