Sustainovation 2011 

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 06. Juni 2011

The light over Vienna was nearly perfect…

Sustainovation … fancy title of event about inovation and sustainability… It was organized by, and there were a lot of really fine people with fine things in their brains.

nice shadows in the morning… however it was hard for me to think in the morning #photobrain

fine colors on the busstation…

coffee and iphone… all that you need in the morning

dont forget to laugh ;)

i was not the only photographer on that day…

as you see the opening was pretty relexed : ) everybody introduced themselfs with 3 words. my words were #hat #photography #creativity

it was time to learn some inovative sustainable stuff…

it was the “you should not hit the table with your hand to strong” moment

choosing session

fancy Hannes Offenbacher in my hat. (this one was made with new nikkor 35mm 1.4G really fine and fancy lens)

very fancy Hannes.

Is love a sustainable thing?

really cool app to make mindmaps…

fancy surreal OH!

it was session about how to make decissions in very complex situations….

than we get some bioLunch …  for Stephanie (from StartEurope) it was not an easy decision  :)

the weather was pretty perfect….

enjoying sun…

Michaela  from Mingo is supportign young startups in vienna…Serious with Friendly look : )

just a moment.

eBike moment

Smiles and Brains behind Sustainovation…

i liked his style of  speaking

i would really like to paint like Sandra…

Rinhard with his Lego Serious Play…  Painting – Examples how to use Aluminium Foil

would you be able to create a duck in 30seconds?

the cool thing was  people got the same lego briks, but everybodys duck was different : )


on the end of the day it was fresh and rainy…

i like such moments…

Hannes was pretty happy on the end of the day… the saturday was over…

hehe it was the right text for sunday…

fancy ilustrations


google converse :)

take a break

fancy look

and the last moment.

Best wishes from sunny vienna city!

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P:S: OH! tech – Nikon d700 +  85mm f1.4 G, 35mm 1.4 G ( must say 35mm is really a fine lens)


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  1. in welchem gebäude war das das man da so toll über die stadt sieht? :)

    immer wieder verzaubernd!

  2. Your pictures are so awesome <3 I love looking at them.

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