Rain Repair… time for mindfreedom 

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 09. Juni 2010

Its time to fill your mind with sommer… after spending the morning in front of 2 monitors, its good change to go out and feel the sun on your face.

ukrainian art fields

Im organizing a photofestival here in vienna in the end of september this year, the theme of this year is going to be “real virtuality” im going to tell you about more details when the official hompage is on, however if you are or you know some good Artists (Photographers, Musicians, FashionDesigners or Videoartists) from Austria or Russia you can give me your suggestions via comments or Email. And if you have already organized some exhibitions/festival than you must know that its really fascinating but also hard brainwork… Thats why i decided to make a small review about a small photoexhibition that iev organized once in my native town Zolochiv in Ukraine. Lets begin with this words.
“What is this… hehe, this is an old swimmingpool… perfect place for photoexhibition… But wait some minutes and youll see the changes…”

swimming pool ukraine

swimming pool ukraine

If you are not from ukraine you may ask “Do all ukrainian swimmingpools looks like this?” and the answer will be at leas this one and the one in the town prypjat near chernobyl look  this way

pOHtography would like to make some photos there : )

However i decided to make the exhibition in the first swimmingpool as the reason for its abandoned condition was not a nuclear catastrophe, but just a false planing of the warming system of water, thats why it was builded and never used…

Now you see that location is very important part of every exhibition what is next?

crazy plan pOHtography blog

For good photoexhibition you need: Good (crazy) plan, Good music, Good (friends) people.
before nothing

Before nothing.

10 helpers pOHtography old soviet design

As this old soviet poster says you need at leas 10 helpers ; )

light in pool pOHtography

It was really a lot of work as there was no cleanup in the swimmingpool since last 15 years… it was not a good place for people with dust allergie.

music pOHtography

and here we have the music for more productivity…  good place for urban DJs

fight with dirt pOHtography

we needed around 3 days to fix the problem with dirt.

Dont forget about food! good food is one of the main parts of every organization process, end even of the creativity potential of the people, at least of mine creativity.

hard work pOHtography

some parts of the swimmingpoolwalls were falling right on the ground… it was somehow funny but a little bit dangerous, thats why we cleaned up and fixed the dangerous places…

big photos pOHtography

every photo which is printed biger than A1 looks good… is it a fact?  However a lot of people think and feel that bigger is better. And its jast a nice feeling to see your photos printed big in real… Some info for photographers: (It took me around 2 days to do it and dont forget that colors in CMYK looks pretty different as in RGB thats why check the colors after converting photos to CMYK, and make a small test print, it can save a lot of money…)

night pOHtography

Why can you read blog about this exhibition -- documentation is a good thing : ) video and photo are good tools … and sometimes night is a really good time to work.

big film pOHtography

soviet paper boss pOHtography

We used pretty simple things for decoration and interior design… For example old soviet newspapers…

In the night we puted some of the advertises to promote the exhibition…  Pretty everything is possible with help of black tape …

The plan of the exhibition painted on the worldmap… lets go global : )

boat in the swimmingpool

It was really crazy action to get the real boat from the lake which was near our city… but we made it.

killing tree

killing some trees for interior design

transporting tree

After 4 days of works everything looks already pretty good

pixelart in connection with customtype and tapeart!

day  before opening… everybody was really tired.. it was a lot of work and fun to get all the chairs from our friends homes, and to make instalations out of the thing that we found on the roofs of our homes.

Visitor where viewing a fotoslideshow, and also a  videomakingoff of the whole thing… it was really cool feeling to sit there and look how everything was made and  how the old swimmingpool transformed in this kind of location.

Fancy lights.

Water post.

hunter! this dog was also our security :)  arrows show the way to exhibition.


when everything was ready it was time to sit down and enjoy… pretty good feeling.

repairing the beamer… technikal problems will always support you…

The price of entrence was 23kopiky its around 0.03€ we made it just for fun, even the tax office of our city wnated to know how much money we have made with that exhibition … what can i say it was so much that everyone of our team coul eat more that 1 icecream : )

After all its time to lean back remember and enjoy… i hope you enjoyed this report too ;)
Now you can compare:

swimming pool ukraine

after 5 days of work:

On the end the rain was really repaird… and it was one of the strongest rains during that summer

And here is the whole presentation in video form:

Best wishes from vienna city… and what can i say, create something out of nothing.


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