Digital Age _ is killing Analog 

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 14. Juni 2010

Do you know the feeling when you open some analogue camera, and you see that the film is not rolled back… maybe your are shocked and all 36 moments from that film are flashing through your head, youll never see them again…

pOHtography fuji kodak konica agfa film iso

If the analog age is dead or not its up to you

pohtography cat dead

i know some people who cant live without analogue photography just like analog gang or my good old classmate manuel … as long as such people are alive the analogue age will live too…

oh! like

photo by severin koller

If we are already speaking about analog stuf, than check out this blog by Severin Koller (also known as coxi) , you will find some good quality b/w photography made in Vienna city.

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5 Kommentare:

  1. danke olex für das freundliche erwähnen :)


  2. Oleksandr Hnatenko

    hehe wen sonst wenn schon nicht dich : )

  3. MERCI
    fürs verlinken liebster olex.


  4. For me the future is analogue! :)

  5. Would be so convenient to go the digital way. No waiting for development, less costs, no scanning, no storing problems… but still… can’t :)

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