Buzzattack and OH impressions 

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 20. Oktober 2010

One more fancy event behind me.  Buzzattack was a seriouse business side of the socialmediascene in Austria. It was organized by  I discovered this event in the last minute through Hanna (@httr_), however all the tickets where already sold (300€ per ticket is also a pretty fancy price), and people from Ambuzzador were not interested in OH! photography for the event (but it was funny to write them an email in the last night before event)…  After the sad  tweet that OH!photography is not attanding the buzzattack, i got the tweet from @davdesigned (theGap magazine)  that he can give me his card because he cant attand the event… was pretty fine news exept that i must wakeup at 7 next morning to come there : )  And here are some impressions:

hanna and her ipad

The location of the event was on Kahlenberg, pretty far away from everywhere, but most far away from the place where i live and i needed around 1.5hours to get there. First two people who i saw were Hanna and Luca, Hanna was playing with her ipad, and Luca was exploaring his fancy nokia N8… 2 cups of coffee and my brain was alive.

the speakers where good, but most of the time iev had some creative tweettalk with Luca and Hanna

twitter luca buzzattack

buzzattakc abuzzador

Sabine was pretty excited, no wonder its for sure a lot of work to organize such even, and she has done it pretty good.

some people were searching for wLan everywhere, and some of them have found it!

it was already time for the break and the light outside was pretty fine

kahlenberg buzzattack

last autumn light…

luca was pretty excieted about everything too, and we decidet to make some wind imitation photoshooting for Wella

sad story

there were also some sad stories… dead customised beautiful iphone

we always were obsorved by turists from above…

black art on ipad

it was the idea that iev had while driving in the bus to buzzattack, thanks for creative coworking to Hanna and Guenter

there was really cool sunsetlight in the evening…

good light good view and some reflection … do you need more for a good photo?….

Ali from SuperFi was a button (Garmz) fetishist on that evening

vienna…one of my last views on buzzattack…

and here is the official photographer of that day with the really heavy 1D canon stuf…

What can i say the event was pretty funny… i learnd a lot of things: new word “Morphology” – maybe it has something to do with Matrix. I also learned that there is the alternative to clapsing with hands – you can do it with iPads, and one more very important thing- there should be a snoreApp it will make the life more funny.

best wishes from vienna city!
and Create something out of nothing!

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P:S:  OH!tech  all pictures where made with nikon d700 + nikkor50mm 1.4g


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