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By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 14. November 2010

One more fancy event in vienna. World Blogging Forum 2010 in Vienna city (#wbf2010) Was like about seeing the most of austrian bloggers in real life good possibility to put on the tagfunction of my brain… It was organized by Ritchie Pettauer some popular blogger from austria, he  also has a fancy passion for photography… maybe thats why OH! photography blog was invited to this event : ) Oh! and on the photo above  is Julia (@fanfarella) with junior fanfarella (fancy dog).

Blogging is not tweeting but every bloger tweets somehow… Its a funny art of entertainment to read tweeterwalls in the morning…

A1 was one of the sponsors…

Bloggers also have some feelings

they can even lough : ) i must say the speakers were really pleasant, however iev not always got the point of the discussion of the morning  speaches, maybe because of my english or because of the twitterwall

some people were really excieted

Its maybe about this tweet by Livia Iacolare : Men usually show off their cars; bloggers show off their cameras. It’s Canon VS Nikon #wbf2010

some real photographer – the important part

somehow forget his name… but he had some fine ideas about designing blogs, and he had a hat…

like to photograph photographers

Manuel searching for the perfect position! just do it!

Christian is blogging about art in vienna…

just enjoying the fresh air…

oh… some more dogs… but junior fanfarella was the only one on this event… you know in vienna there is no difference between dogs and people … sometime dogs have even more rights :) this one has a facebook account …. but no twitter account… you know dogs cant tweet!

it was prooved by Tony Gigov

you know dogs and shoose are important things…

ok it was the last one with the fancy dog…

fashion blogging looks like this…

actually a perfect possibility to promote yourself to the people who are behind you… by Klement

Marko was even in the prison because of his socialmediapower, he had most funny speach on that day.

think what you want about the location…

some real headpoke given by Luca to Ali

Here is the Luca on the end of the hard Social Media Superstar day…

All in one it was a nice day with seeing a lot of  real  bloggerfaces, and reading a lot of tweets…
Hugs to everybody from Vienna City… The arty blogs will come soon, i hope to find time for some personal project in winter ;)

OH! photography – create something out of nothing!

P:S: Tech side of the post nikon d700 with 50mm 1.4g and 17-35mm 2.8 nikkors mostly used @17mm, no flash.

P.P.S dont be shy and share some flattr love ;)


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16 Kommentare:

  1. The man with the hat and those interesting ideas is johannes grenzfurthner (@johannes_mono) from monochrom.
    great pics! (could I use one?)
    all the best!

  2. sensationelle Shots – großartiges WBF2010

  3. hehe thanks for the name ;)

  4. Ole, no need for a watermark on your pix – your style is unique. All I can say is: full shutter once again :-)

    My fav: your portrait of Mihaela… amazing.

    And as you wrote: I’m very passionate of photography. I do a lot mediocre shots, occassionally a nice one slips in. But my photos are photos. Your photos are light paintings.

    Actually, when I saw one of your albums for the first time I thought that those were your all-time-favs. A couple of weeks later I realized that I had been wrong. Man, you’re gifted.

    You know that I invited you because I wanted you to join us, and I remember that you asked me if I wanted you to take pictures. And I told you that we got it covered and that I definitely wouldn’t have a shady “You’re invited – to work at my event for free” in mind – no strings attached, especially not the transparent ones :-) And you told me that you’d bring your camera anyways… so: really glad you did!

  5. hehe it is the longest comment ever in my blog : )

  6. Really great shots! :)

  7. Wowzers! Amazing shots, and agreed with Ritchie – these are not photographs (This is not a pipe?).

    Great coverage, +1 on the “This is what fashion blogging looks like”! :)

    Thanks for attending the event – your imagery always adds a great dimension.

  8. Very great shots.
    You’re a real good photographer.

    Hope to meet you again at events like #wbf2010 :)

  9. your shots are great! In case you are once looking for some great fotolocations/filmlocations, don’t hesitate to contact us!

  10. And I have faced it. Let’s discuss this question. Here or in PM.

  11. Quite right! It is excellent idea. I support you.

  12. wonderful work … ;)

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