About Me

Oleksandr Hnatenko (gnato). Born August 27th 1986 in Zolochiv, Ukraine.
Currently living and working in Vienna, Austria.
I got my first camera at 8 years old and really wanted to take photos at my uncle’s wedding. After taking the pictures I realised that there was no film in the camera…. this was my first experience of photography.
After years, here I am taking pictures again.


In the search for reality you come across many things, some that are simple, some old, some new, some that are eye-catching, in colour or in monochrome, visible things and some hidden from view, some things with sense and some without. Just like some of words you’ve read right now.
Surreal moments are born out of this. They exist in the imagination of Oleksandr Hnatenko and they take form in his photos.


2005 _ High School, Rainergymnasium, Vienna.
2005-2007 _ Technical University Vienna, Physics.
2007-2009 _ Diploma in Photography, Federal Graphics College, Vienna “die Graphische”.

Work experience

Visual Propaganda – Creative studio _ www.visualpropagand.at
Wedding photographers _ www.hochzeitsfotografen.at

Exhibitions and Contests

_ Soloexhibition On 13th Lviv International Publishers´ Forum 2006.
_ Soloexhibition „Rain Repair“ Zolochiv, Ukraine 2007.
_ 34. Schweizer Jugendfotopreis 2007. > I. Rang Kategorie 18-23 Jahre. > Moneyprice + Exhibition Naturmuseum Luzern
_ “Faszination Fernsehen Photocontest” 2007. > 2nd Place (myfoto.de)
_ Night Of The Dead Photography Contest > 1st Place + Groupexhibition National Gallery “L” Moscow 2008.
_ Festimage 2008. Chaves, Portugal > 4th Price + Groupexhibition
_ Visual Lyrics 2008. Groupexhibition, part of “Month of Photography“, Vienna
_ Baltic Biennale of Photography 2009. > 3rd Place “The Best Authors Photopicture” > GroupExhibition + Moneyprice
_ Groupexhibition “Young and Beautiful” Uzhgorod, Ukraine 2009.
_ 8th Open Kazan Photocontest, Russia 2009. > 1st Place in “Free Category” + Groupexhibition
_ ”Die große Traumhochzeit Photocontest“ 2009. > 1st Place (myfoto.de)
_ Cut-Click, Anniversary Exhibition > Part of ArtsForum Festival 2009.AbbeyWalk Gallery – Grimsby, England
_ Austrian-Russian Festival “Vienna-Moscow” 2009. > Groupexhibition “Timegallery”, Vienna


_ Inversus.pt Portugal > Issue No 06
_ Eyemazing Artist – Issue No 1 > Sony Award Article
_ Clickmagazine Issue No 07
_ St.  Petersburg Photomagazine 2008. November > Young Talents Section
_ Digital Photo Magazine Russia, April 2009.
_ Hydra Magazine No 03 Vienna > Frontpage
_ Trendsetter Magazine No 72, Turkey