Playing with Views

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 24. August 2010

typisch beton oh photography

What i like about photography, is the fact that you can play with imagination of other people converting  3d world in 2d images. However its not an easy process, and if you want to create something good you need at least a good idea and enough time to work. The photo above, is from the last shooting with young graphicdesigners from vienna. Benni+Oli+Daniel=TypischBeton (TypicallyConcrete). Everything begun as i have had the idea to make some series with graphicdesigners, as there are a lot of them in my life… And before starting it i decided to make a tryout, and the boys from beton where very cooperative, however you should never forget that graphicdesigners are very busy people, hehe the same as photographers. But after some weeks of writing emails and calling eachother we found some sunny day to make a shooting. (» Weiterlesen…)

Just a session on the roof

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 15. August 2010

kreative fotografie wien pOHtography

Somtimes i think to myself, why not just to make a photosession, without any very special preparations without commissions, just a session for myself… it sounds a bit egoistic but somtimes i just need it… At least a place and model are needed for the photosession or? And there are always some ideas in the head at least in my. I must admit that  i like to shoot without pressuer that some SUPERGENIAL  photo must come out on the end … (» Weiterlesen…)