Wild Wild East

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 25. April 2010

P.P.S: killing me softly with this blog…
P.S:  Writing blog, is like a psychotherapy for me :)

… spend some hours with  making first ilustration for this entry, but it was  sunday evening, and it was

Now back to the idea of going somwhere far away (ukraine) with fiat punto in winter…  This idea was
born in Jürgens Head, and me David and Andy were crazy enough to  support it. Also here we are
4 austrian citicenz 1 fiat punto 1tv (youll understand it latter… or not) and 4000km from vienna to
krym and back…

Our aim was to swim  in the black sea and come back to austria… everything began  on friday
12.02.2010.  I spend the night befor without sleep, i thought that there will be enough time during the
trip to sleep…  But its not an easy thing to sleap in fiat punto with other 3 people and tv inside.
We should go away on 12:00 but David was a little bit late thats why we  went away 3 hours later…

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Fishes wiht most beautiful eyes…

By Oleksandr Hnatenkoam 07. April 2010

Fishes? why not. Story behind this photo:

f.f.  pohtography

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